Yahoo Parenting News Recap #2


I’m rather cranky today, having been informed yesterday that I will not be allowed to birth my child in the hospital tub because of recent concerns raised by one single study regarding complications to infants and, fine, while there may be legitimate concerns, so are there also with epidurals, inductions without medical reason and, for Pete’s sake, C-sections, which the aforementioned have a risk of leading to, but this does not mitigate the fact that women don’t really appreciate being told what they can and cannot do with their bodies, as though they are incapable of making a well-informed decision.

So. Time to find out what else is going on in the world of mothering, as summed up by reading nothing more than the headlines on Yahoo’s parenting page. Here we go!

Do You Agree with Alicia Silverstone’s Controversial Parenting Techniques?

Have you hated on a woman for the choices she made for her specific child and family today? You haven’t? Let’s start!

One Mom’s Plea to School after the Connecticut School Stabbing

I thought it was Pittsburgh. Was there another one? Oh my. Well, my favorite response is one my friend had: It may be people that kill people and not guns that kill people, but have you noticed how much harder it is to get people killed with a knife? Should we feel all sad about America’s freedom when there wasn’t a gun for these kids to access?

Healthy Baby Born after Car Crash Injures Mom and Kills Dad

Why are these stories everywhere when I’m knocked up? I can’t take it.

One Family’s Successful Sleep Solution Will Surprise You

No. You can’t make me click on you. I don’t believe you.

Why Michelle Duggar is a Great Homeschooling Advocate

Because if anyone can manage that much individualized instruction and the household order and discipline it would take to accomplish it, it would have to be this woman, and any worries the rest of us have about homeschooling our kids would not look insurmountable. Not that we should completely compare ourselves: there’s a lot this woman has done that I don’t have even the slightest inkling to attempt.

Mom Bites off Dog’s Ear to Save Her Daughter

Well, of course. That’s not even the craziest thing any of us would do.

Conjoined Twins Sharing Heart Will Not be Separated


Kate Middleton’s Classic (and Gross) Move We’ve All Done a Million Times

I don’t know what this is, but here are the gross things I’ve done lately: wiped my kid’s nose on her shirt/my shirt/sheets cause it was bedtime and I didn’t want to get up and hunt down a kleenex, received partially chewed and rejected food into my palm, and gotten peed on.

Newborn Thrown in a Trash Can Survives

Stop. I’m pregnant. Can’t take it.

40 Percent of Infants in the U.S. Live in Fear of Their Parents, Says Study

Whut? What is this? How is it measured? All I can think of is those disturbing fundamentalist churches who believe you have to break a child’s will to save its soul and therefore officially recommend you start lightly thwacking your babies at 6 months old for whatever the hell they think tiny babies can even do wrong. But I have no idea what this article is on about and I’m dying to click.

Drew Barrymore Welcomes a Baby Girl (with a Boy’s Name!)

Wow! Cause nobody does that! Ever! People.

One Teen’s Victory over McDonald’s Boy-Girl Happy Meal Toys

My favorite response to the “girl” toy/”boy” toy distinction: Is this toy operated with you genitalia? Then it is not a toy for children. It’s not? Then it is for either gender. We’re done here.

Summer Camp Guide: Finding the Best Affordable Options for Your Kids

My only comment about this was that the accompanying picture was of chickens, which makes me go, Eh?

The Afflictions of Raising a Gifted Child

Okay, I’m out.

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The Bunny of Sleep


I’ve waited nine days to talk about this because I didn’t want to jinx it.

My toddler sleeps at night.

I know, you’re shocked that this is news. Why wouldn’t my 2.5-year-old be able to sleep? What’s wrong with her/me? Well, nothing/plenty.

Our latest “method” of going to sleep was to do the whole bedtime routine, then I would tuck her in bed and sit in a chair in her room with my Kindle till she passed out. Mostly it was fine and didn’t take too long. Unless it did. I’d come downstairs, the life force sucked out of me, because she would be laying calmly in her bed but just couldn’t fall asleep, and if I made a move for the door, she’d say, “Stay ina rocking chair, Mommy!” and back I’d go. If she woke up at night, the same thing, or more likely I’d just crawl into bed with her because I was too tired to wait her out.

One evening last week I realized I had been there for an hour and I was just over it. I told her my body was uncomfortable (oh, it was) and I needed to go. It was super late and she was really tired, and for the first time, there was no protest when I left the room. Okay then! I made a new plan. I was going to start leaving after tucking her in. It had worked on and off for naptime before. If she cried, I would wait and listen until she was done, but I’d keep making to leave the second she was calm. Something like this.

But she never cried. Barely protested. Naptime, Bedtime, whatever. We’d rock in the dark for five minutes to get her in the zone, singing and talking, and then I’d tuck her in, listen to her pray (oh, my heavens, that is cute), and then I’d say, “I have to go clean the kitchen,” and I’d leave. She was fine. Every time.

Sometimes she says, “Stay ina rocking chair, Mommy!” and I’m all, “I have to clean the living room!” and I go, and sometimes I actually clean the living room because I have all this time and energy and will to live.

So then we tackled night wakings, cause hell, we’re on a roll. We ordered this little piece of magic off Amazon and waited impatiently for its arrival.

Audrey thinks it’s awesome. And it is. It’s like a little clock with two scenes on it. At night, it lights up with a picture of a bunny sleeping in bed. At the time you choose in the morning, a picture of an awake and playing bunny lights up. When the bunny’s sleeping, child, you sleep. When the bunny wakes up, you can open your door and wake up Mommy and Daddy. Genius.

She still woke up at night. But this time, I would come in, ask her what the bunny was doing, put her back to bed, and leave. She was fine. If she woke up in the morning, but before I wanted to be up, I’d ask her about the bunny and tell her to watch for when he woke up, maybe even telling her if she only had 20 minutes to go. I’d hear her talking to herself until 7:00 on the dot when I’d hear, “The bunny wakes up! The bunny wakes up!” Two nights ago, she only woke up a little early in the morning, not at all at night.

And then last night? Didn’t hear from her all night. Heard her wake up unhappy in the morning but not call to me. Heard her talking and singing and playing for at least a half hour before that bunny woke up and she opened her door.

I told her how amazing she was for waiting till the bunny woke up and she shouted, “We did it!”


Look, I know nothing’s forever. In a while, she’ll grow old enough for nightmares, or other problems. But this has been sweet. It makes me think of every other night transition I made with her: out of my bed and into her room (15 months), cutting off night nursing (soon after), not laying down with her till she falls asleep (a couple months ago), and how truly easy they were. Yes, maybe because I waited to do those things quite a long time, and maybe because she has a really confident, easygoing personality. But I think I could have done them all a tad sooner. Not when she was a few months old or anything. But definitely sooner.

I think the next kid will get nudged along the path a little more quickly. Assuming he has a similar personalty and needs, of course, but…sooner, baby.

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This Saturday will mark five years since my first date with Andy. I’m sure it’s been longer. I mean, we’ve got two-ish kids. Life before him is kind of hazy. Surely we’ve been together forever, right?

But then I still have those moments – growing rarer all the time – when I feel like I’ve just brought home a stranger. I’ll get this silly, naughty feeling saying, there’s a guy I hardly know in my bed!

Andy and I were set up by my best friend, a decision so brilliant I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life. To hear her tell it at my wedding reception, I was begging and groveling and whimpering for her to find me a man. I don’t remember it that way in my head, but whatever. Let’s just say I had gotten over all my stupid relationship issues and history and was super ready for The Real Deal.

So she offered me Andy. Actually, she mentioned she had another guy in mind too. I said, well give me a crack at both of them! She said no. I had to date Andy first, because he was better.

She showed me his Facebook profile pic, which at the time was this:

andrew for julie

I said, “Ehhh.” She said no, I didn’t understand, he had a “super sweet smile” and was “totally nerd hot.” Well, okay.

So she hooked us up over the interwebz, and one day Andy IM’d me on Facebook. I don’t know what we chatted about but then he started mentioning local theatrical productions – cause I’m a theatre girl and going to plays is how you land my kind. When he started talking about the Rocky Horror Show, I knew I had to move fast, because that is just NOT where you want to be on a first date. Men. So I was all, “Hey, The Importance of Being Earnest is playing too!” and he was smart and asked me if I wanted to go see it with him.

We met at a coffee shop an hour before the Sunday matinee. I put on skirt, like a girl, and eyeliner. Man, those were the days. When I saw him walking up, I got a quick thrill that he was goatee-less and ADORABLE.


No, that’s not from our first date. I’m not that weird. It’s like our…third.

We talked, we went to the play. Two seconds after the show ended he said, “Are you hungry? Do you want to have dinner?” Sure! But it was early yet, so we wandered around until the fancy restaurant opened, and we had dinner. My main memory of that dinner is leaning in and saying, “What?” about a hundred times. Cause Andy’s just not as loud as me.

When all was said and done, I think we had a 6 or 7-hour date. Can’t remember now. Andy was still trying to extend it but I said, since I think we had already made another date, “I WILL go out with you again,” so I could go home. I think I kissed him on the cheek. He would claim later he had no idea if I was interested in him because I never touched him or kissed him but that’s blatantly not true. I took his hand when we met, I kissed his cheek…uh…maybe that was it. Still! That should be good enough!

And it wasn’t till dinner on the second date when something just hit me and I knew I was most definitely interested in him. There was some pretty hot hand-holding and goodnight kissing on that 6-hour date, let me tell you.

Okay, now I’m done telling stories. Almost time to go celebrate!


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Let’s See a YION


For MONTHS – at least I think it’s months; it feels like months – Audrey has been insisting we go to the zoo and see a “yion.” I’ve had to tell her our children’s zoo wasn’t open yet and didn’t have a lion, but we would go as soon as it was.

Every day she’s talked about the zoo and that yion. So the second the children’s zoo finally opened this morning, we were through the door.

There’s still no yion there. But we saw everything else: reindeer, snakes, baby bobcat, lemurs, hilarious gibbons, tortoises, flamingos, camels, barnyard animals. Which, at that point, she was only getting through so she could get to the train ride. Oh, the glorious train. Oh, the wondrous train.

We waited at the little station and when she heard it coming, the look on her face was one of absolute rapture. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish I could have caught it for you.

As we sat on the train waiting to go, the look was far more serious.



In fact, she looked like that the entire ride, staring straight out, until we were about 30 seconds from the end of the ride, when she looked up at me and smiled.

When we got home she said, “I go see a YION?”

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