She Dances


Look at this! I’m writing a new blog post and it only took me nine months! I’m an achiever!

(If anyone knows how to convince WordPress it’s actually May 2, let me know.)

Seriously, I read some blogs by moms of three, six, NINE children and they can all update. Talk about setting a high standard. Hmmm. Maybe if I had nine children, by now the oldest couple would be able to watch the littles and give me a break to write…that happens, right? Don’t answer.

So I’m sure some other stuff has gone on in the last nine months, but I’m just going to cover today, as I’m too sleep deprived to remember anything else.

Audrey had her first dance recital today. That’s up there with, like, birth and high school graduation as a rite of passage, right? I was so excited and a little bit anxious because at dress rehearsal last week, she would Not. Move. A. Muscle. I was sitting in the audience, half dancing in my chair, trying to get her to copy the moves. “No,” she said, stock-still.

I spent the week trying to find the land between encouraging her but not pressuring her. Mostly, I did a respectable job. But to cover my ass, I busted out the Frozen-themed jelly beans in the car on the way to the recital today. I suddenly saw them as a gateway drug. For me. Like, today I’m giving her jelly beans, tomorrow it’s Mountain Dew while I put in her false teeth and eyelashes.


She danced! You, know, kind of! She looked like she was in front of a firing squad but she did a few moves!

Smile, Audrey!


It took her a while after the recital to come back to life and start talking to everybody. I’m not really sure what she thought of the whole experience. I’ll have to ask her tomorrow. As for today, her reward for hard work in the face of Really Not Wanting To was to┬áspend the rest of the day as Elsa.

IMG_1448 (1280x960)

IMG_1456 (1280x960)

Sweet freedom.

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