Four Christmases


I’m sitting on the couch recovering from Christmas. I’m so tired I have little to say. Here are some highlights:

Audrey’s been excited about Christmas since we put up the tree after Thanksgiving. In fact, the tree is so much what Christmas is to her right now that when we were in the car the other day, she looked out the window at a row of evergreens and shouted, “I see Chwistmas twees!”

She’s also into the nativity. We have a beautiful one just out of her reach that’s so appealing she started moving a chair across the room to get to it. A couple of weeks ago, we went to a Christmas cantata my folks were singing in at their church. Audrey was totally into it, especially the live nativity. Every time the lights went down on the Holy Family, she’d shout, “Mommy Daddy all GONE!” or “Mo’ wise mens!”

We did four Christmases this week. Audrey now can say, “Open a pwesent!?” on repeat. She’s run the equivalent of a marathon through my sister-in-law’s house. She’s made of pure sugar right now. It’s great. I’m still rocking the preggers sleepiness and have been a total wet blanket at every family function, at least once 5 pm hit.

Our families have been wonderful, and there has been much joy, but I spent yesterday puking and I need to take a good long break.

Four weeks till our fifth Christmas!


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“Four Christmases”

  1. Avatar December 30th, 2013 at 11:26 pm Julie Says:

    She also broke an ornament at each house.